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About Us

As a teenager in high school, a vision materialized out of nowhere and sparked an idea in my head. I told one of my closest friends that I wished to launch a clothing brand, named Stylistic Tendencies, which emerged from my subconscious mind. During my last two years in high school, I indulged in art class and loved the freedom it provided me to express my inner creativity. Although my artistic skills were alright, I never pursued it seriously and after I graduated high school I did not touch or do any art for 10 years.

In 2018, I picked up a sharpie marker and drew my first piece, realizing that I had forgotten my artistic talents. A few months later, I purchased a marker notebook and embarked on a non-stop Art Mission, creating artwork that was improvised, freehand, with permanent ink and no references, in a digital organic style. This style of art I crafted was unique, appearing digital yet organically drawn. Eventually, I discovered my own style through consistency and rekindled my passion for art.

Excitement overwhelmed me, as I realized I could now create art for my clothing brand. In 2019, I printed my first shirt with my company logo, the DMT $ Sign. The DMT $ Sign is the logo of Stylistic Tendencies. This sign is a symbol from the Universe. What it stands for is you don't have to live a standardized normal life to create a living. You can create wealth whether that be (money, happiness, abundance, or pretty much anything) through your creative efforts/ doing what you love to do which is how this company was founded.

Stylistic Tendencies is the Greatest Clothing Company in the Universe.  We encourage creativity and striving to achieve your dreams, and moving toward an endless pursuit to achieve your goals. Although everyone faces challenges in life, it's important to remember that creating your potential is unlimited and we believe in your ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Your potential is unlimited and we believe in your ability to dream of and achieve anything you can imagine.